Volunteers Needed 2019 Happy Jack...

As Happy Jack approaches we need to ensure that we will have enough volunteers to help make all the riders successful.  We're putting out a call to anyone who might be attending the ride as a spectator / crew.  We are specifically looking for people willing to assist with 'P&R' and 'Vet Scribing'.  Also, volunteers eat for free on the day they volunteer.  

If you would like to join in and help, please let us know by signing up at the link below..


THANK YOU!!! ... 2019 Sponsors

The Distance Depot at


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LInda Browneller
LDB Horseshoeing
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Dover Saddlery

11120 S Twenty Mile Rd.

Parker, CO 80134

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Happy Jack Returns...

We are very pleased to announce that the Colorado Hightail, LLC will be expanding to a 3rd Mountain Region Ride beginning in September of 2019.  We will be hosting the return of a regional favorite "Happy Jack", just outside Laramie Wyoming, as the "Happy Jack Hightail."  Details will be announced here and on the Colorado Hightail Facebook page as they develop. 

-  Thank you to all the Wyoming volunteers who have steps up in recent months to help make this possible!

Endurance News Cover,  February 2018

Endurance News, February 2018

"On the cover, Longtime member Kathleen Macy and her Granddaughter, Kholey Prescott, 8, share a love of endurance riding.  Kathleen is riding BC Dudley, her Tennessee Walker cross gelding, and Khloey is on Dakaby Brinas Legacy,  an Arabian mare, at the 2017 Buffalo Creeks Hightail 50-miler in Pine Colorado." - Endurance News

Photo by Patricia Jarvis (www.jarvis-images.smugmug.com)